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About Sokkyo

We've all been there, you're working on a creative project but you're having trouble coming up with ideas. What do you do in this situation? Just open Sokkyo and within seconds you can have a random suggestion, character, word or phrase at your fingertips. There's no fumbling around in awkward menus, just open and start tapping.

The words are stored on the app so you can use it anywhere without Wi-Fi. Sokkyo will not show you the same word twice until you've been through the entire category of words, or when the app is closed. Sokkyo has 18 categories of suggestions, you can hide any that do not interest you and it will remember what you had the next time you open it!

You can also touch the center of the screen, and Sokkyo will give you a random word from any of the categories you currently have locked in. If tapping is too much work, set a timer! You can set how long you want between new suggestions, which makes it perfect for hands-free improvising on your own.

Sokkyo was initially designed as a companion app for practicing Improv Comedy, but through feedback from our users we have learnt about many more applications including: Voice Acting, Acting, Kids Thespian Theatre, Dungeons and Dragons worldbuilding, Writing prompts and even Stand-up comedy joke writing! Please let us know if you've found another use for the app, we love hearing what creative stuff people get up to with Sokkyo!


Here are the 18 categories of suggestions you have to choose from.

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"Helps me create characters to practice for voice acting, great for a quick round of storytelling practice for DnD, and fantastic array/spectrum of items to randomly generate for each and every category."

"Brilliant! Great for improv and also useful for writing prompts."

"LOVE. Simple creative fun. Me and my niece will enjoy as she is a budding thespian."

"This is great. It's super responsive and has plenty of content, and I can see myself using it often. I love the fact that I can customize which categories are shown."

"This app is wonderful! I showed it off at rehearsal tonight and thought it was great. I think I can just tell the students, 'hey, I'm going to step out for half an hour, the phone's in charge, do the scenes the app says to do.' "

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